Only show fish in the following store:

We bring in new Fresh and Saltwater fish every week!! If you're ever looking for anything specific we can get it!


Call or e-mail  701-746-1354 G.F. Store

Here are some of the Saltwater fish we have in the store;

  • Yellow Tang
  • Coral Beauty Angelfish 
  • Blue Tang
  • Diamond Gobies 
  • Dragon Gobies 
  • Clownfish 
  • Variety of Snails 
  • Variety of Hermit Crabs 
  • Cleaner Shrimp 
  • Variety of Hard and Soft Coral 
  • Naso Tang
  • Scopas Tang
  • Powder Brown Tang 
  • Powder Blue Tang 
  • Koran Angelfish





Store Hours:

Monday to Saturday:
10am to 9pm

Sunday: Noon to 6pm

Need Help? or More Info?
Fargo: (701) 282-3088
Grand Forks: (701) 746-1354